Witch Hunting

In 1692 in Salem Massachusetts girls started to act in strange ways. One girl tried to burn herself in a fireplace. A slave named Tituba was accused of controlling the girls through witchcraft and voodoo. Tituba was the first of many accused of witchcraft. Trials began to be held to determine the fate of those accused. 13 women and six men were hung after a trial. More died in prison. People soon realized witch hunts were unjust and the public no longer wished to hold witch trials.
A more modern ‘witch hunt’ was led by U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy in 1950. He accused innocent people of being communist with no evidence at all. He turned the public against those he accused. In late 1954 the Senate condemned the actions of McCarthy.

Contextual Connection

This article proved that people will turn against one another very easily. We must use our resources before we judge someone. Don’t believe something just because somebody tells you it is true, search out the facts. I enjoyed the article. It shows that if we don’t think for ourselves bad things can happen.