Blake White per.7
Descriptive Essay

Everybody has fantasized about a dream house. Some people get there dream house and for others it remains a dream. This is my dream house.
Let’s start out with the bathroom. One thing I have wanted for a long time is to have a shower that is taller than I am. I would also enjoy a huge bathtub. I know this would be a little strange but my dream house also has a urinal.
In my dream house there would be lots of fireplaces. Not gas powered fireplaces, the real things. I also want lots of windows. The more natural light, the better. My bedroom will have a great view of the mountains. I would hat to live somewhere that I couldn’t look at the mountains.
My backyard will have lots of trees so I can set up a hammock. The houses around mine will not be too close so I can have lots of privacy. My front yard will be big and have lots of green grass. I want a big front porch with a swinging bench and some chairs.
I want to have a large game room. One side of the room will have a billiards table and the other side will have a ping pong table. A huge TV will be on the wall so I can watch sports and play games at the same time.
I will have a theater room dedicated to sports. The walls will be decorated with memorabilia from the sports team I will own. (The New York Yankees)
That is my dream house. I think it sound extremely cool. If you don’t like it dream your own.