Blake White per.7
Narrative Essay
Church Ball

If you have ever lived in Utah you probably know that church basketball is a big deal. As far as youth basketball goes it is second only to Jr. Jazz. Just about everybody plays. It is taken very seriously.
I am on the Crescent Park 1st ward’s church ball team. When it comes to sports the first ward got the short end of the stick. Everybody with any athletic ability whatsoever is ether too old to play or has moved to a different ward.
It has always been a goal of the first ward’s to win at least one game. Unfortunately for us we have never reached that particular goal. The opposing team usually doubles and sometimes triples our score.
In one of our games last year we were playing the Crescent Park 3rd ward. They were up by about 35 points when there couch started to heckle me. Nobody has any respect for the 1st ward.
It was the last game of the season. We would be playing the 5th ward. We had no hope in winning the game. The game was about to start, but our team didn’t have enough people. This is because by the end of the season most boys in my ward are sick of losing and would much rather sleep in.
We decided to make some phone calls to some skilled basketball players. These boys were not in our ward and therefore were not play on our team. The referees did not know that we had recruited these boys from outside ward boundaries so the played for us.
The game was a real nail biter. It came right down to the final seconds. We won the game! We may have cheated by recruiting people to play for us but it was and still is the first wards only victory. It just goes to show you sometimes cheaters finish second to last.