Blake White p.7
Dumpster Diving

The writer Lars Eighner lived on the streets for several years. Dumpster Diving is an excerpt from his best selling book. Dumpster is a property word belonging to the Dempster Dumpster Company. Lars started his Dumpster diving about one year before he became homeless. He ate out of the dumpsters. The Dumpsters are also where he got all of his clothes except for his jeans. Lars found lots of change in the Dumpsters sometimes amounting to dollars. Before eating something you must determine why it was thrown away. Lots of the food thrown away is perfectly safe to eat. The safest of the Dumpster foods are caned foods. Rusted and dented cans can be dangerous and should be avoided. College students throw out lots of food and other useful things. This is partly because of ignorance and wastefulness.
Contextual Connection
I do not think I would be able to Dumpster dive for foods. I am too much of a germaphobe for that. It is interesting how Lars Eighner found that after a semester is over more food get thrown out because of the students who go home and don’t want to came back to spoiled foods. He wrote how scavengers don’t have many courtesies but if they find something useable that they don’t need or want, they set is aside for another scavenger to find. That is because the hate seeing usable things going to waist.