Original Poems

By Blake White

Flying through the air.
The ball soars over the fence.
The Yankees win the game!

Dedication Poem
By Blake White

To Canada

Thank you for inventing such things as the

Electric wheelchair, and
Thank you for polar bears, reindeer, and moose.
Thank you for providing
Dan Aykroyd, John Candy, Robert Goulet, and Norm MacDonald
with a native land.
But must of all thanks for just being you.

By Blake White

Hardcore, Parkour,
jump, bump,
dive, high five,
too high, can’t fly,
big air, bigger scare,
thrill, spill,
swing, fling,
wall hop, on top,
jump the gap, hear a snap.

By Blake White

Nothing, no milk, eggs, nothing
I wish I had food.

Flash Fiction
By Blake White

He sat in the front corner of the class room. Crouching over his desk. Speedily he was scratching
words onto his paper. He wonders if his work will be good enough. He crumples up his paper in
anger. Then he throws it into the crowded trash can. “I must be more creative” He thinks to
himself. Who knew something as simple as writing a poem could be so difficult and bring so
much frustration to one person? He wonders if the rest of the class is having the same
problems he is. H e writes a few more rough draft poems. They like Many before them just get
thrown away never to be read by anyone but him. How will he get this assignment done on
time? Poetry, how can he write poetry? Think, Think harder.