Blake White p.7
Advocacy Project
“Web Tour”

I started out by going to On the home page to the left under the Holocaust History section there is a link called Introduction to the Holocaust. It gives a summary of the Holocaust. It is just enough information to understand what the Holocaust was. The word holocaust means ‘sacrifice by fire”. The Nazis targeted any groups of people they saw ‘inferior’. At the bottom of the article is a list of books that provide further information on the Holocaust.
Back on the home page is a video link about the museum. I recommend viewing this video. The video shows footage of both the survivors and some clips that were filmed during the holocaust. The video tells how important survivors are. Some people deny that the Holocaust ever happened. Elie Wiesel is one of the survivors in the video. He talks about the dangers of hate.
The museum has a YouTube account. This is great for visual learners. They have speeches given by both Elie Wiesel and President Obama. There are also videos on genocide. The videos are full of information.
They also have a monthly newsletter you can sign up for. The newsletter will inform you on events in your area. Suggestions on how to combat hate and eyewitness stories can also be found in the newsletter. Any new Holocaust-related findings will be in the newsletter.
On the homepage there is a link to an article about International Holocaust Remembrance Day. I didn’t know this day existed until I read the artice. In 2005 the United Nations General Assembly established this day. January 27 is designated as Holocaust Remembrance Day. This day marks the anniversary of the liberation of the biggest Nazi camp- Auschwitz.
Overall I think is a great website. It is a great source of information. Most importantly is makes sure the Holocaust will never be forgotten.